Word Challenge Extreme

Word Challenge Extreme

You can save your progress at any time and supports custom word lists

Word Challenge Extreme is the ultimate fix for word game addicts! Offering four separate and complete word games in a single package, it's also a bargain hunter's delight!
In Word Jumble, you race against the clock to find as many words as possible in a group of letters. Hunt-a-Word challenges you to find the words hidden in a mosaic of letters. Your goal in Hungman is to reveal the secret phrase before an execution is carried out. Finally, in Word Whiz, you form words by linking adjacent letters.Word Challenge Extreme is an exciting word game that gives you access to dozens of challenging levels and puts your word skills to the test. This game will provide you with a fun and easy way to improve your vocabulary while trying your best to complete the given tasks.

The interface is simple, interactive and you can easily change its appearance by opting for the window/fullscreen mode, enabling tips, etc.

You will get to choose from four types of word games: Word Whiz, Word Jumble, Hunt-A-Word and the well-known Hungman, while having access to detailed information on how to play each game. You can either guess words by using several mixed letters, form words on a given board filled with letters, play Hungman or link letters found on a board to form words.

A significant advantage of playing this game is the fact that the progress will be automatically saved. The faster you will complete your challenges, the bigger your final score is.

It's an entertaining way to spend time with your friends or family and playing this challenging word game designed for all ages. Therefore, you should give Word Challenge Extreme a try, an exciting word game that will put your word skills to the test.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use and interactive interface
  • Comes with four exciting word games
  • Autosaved progress
  • Dozens of challenging levels


  • Doesn't give you access to hints while playing
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